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It has been a pleasure to welcome so many of you to our Zoom sessions this month marking the resumption of a monthly meeting in our calendar.  Our first took place on Monday 9 November when we enjoyed an insight into Scotland’s network of canals under the guidance of Mr Peter Robinson, Head of Engineering, Scottish Canals.  Peter’s entertaining and informal talk took us into the history of the network, covered where we are today and gave us a glimpse into future developments.  Peter chose to host the session on Gotomeetings.com rather than Zoom and we are sorry if a few of you were unable to log on.  

Zoom was the platform of choice for our second membership meeting this month when we held our AGM on Monday 16 November.   This event, originally due to be held in May and then in September, proved successful.  Our fears of not reaching the 50+ necessary to be quorate proved to be unfounded with 46 logging in and a further 6 sharing a device with their partners giving us a total of 52 members present by 2.05pm when the meeting was opened by Chairman Norma Churchill.  Included in her remarks was a big thank you to Susan Moody and Jim Stewart who are standing down from the committee after long service.  She welcomed Ruth Offin and Alex Fleming in their stead.  Tom Berney was thanked for compiling the annual report for 2019.

From the business agenda four items were put forward for approval and passed:

1. minutes of AGM of 2019

2. financial reports for 2019

3. re-appointment of Nelson Gilmour Smith as independent examiner

4. motion to permit committee to set subscription level prior to AGM in May 2021.

The meeting was closed at 2.45pm with hopes that next year we might be able to hold a “normal” version in Ballerup Hall (but fears that we might still be Zoom dependent.)

Our plans for a December monthly meeting to replace the Christmas lunch are coming along. We invite you to join us in Christmas jumper with a mince pie and libation of choice to hand for:   

“A Christmas Cracker” on Monday 7 December 2020 at 2pm.

Norma Churchill


Chairman’s Newsletter - November 2020